Ep32: You Need a Kristi

Do you ever get stuck in overthinking? Either indecision or second-guessing the decision you already made? Well, so has Jodi (not Eliot – he’s perfect!), and in this episode, we try to figure out why, and maybe even some solutions when you catch yourself in overthinking mode.

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Why is that important for business?

Overthinking makes business not only harder but getting stuck all of the time can also be really draining. And, as suggested by Jodi’s former coach, “stuck” often means that you know what you want but you are just not ready to admit it yet.

“Over-analysis is a form of denial. To over-analyze means that you have the correct answer but are refusing to accept it – you go on searching for the answer you would prefer rather than accept the truth. Remember that the truth for one is not necessarily the truth for another, and that the truth has a tendency to drive you crazy just before it sets you free. Perhaps what you once thought was craziness is simply what it takes to free yourself from outdated beliefs.”

Overthinking comes with a weird sense of pride, like perfectionism. It also comes with a lot of slogging. Often it shows up as either second-guessing or indecision, and neither is fun.

The interesting thing about indecision is, as Jodi’s sister said: “if you are having that much trouble deciding, it probably doesn’t matter which you choose.”

There are no right answers in business. As an entrepreneur, you are almost always the front goose, parting waters that haven’t yet been parted. There is no path already laid for you.

This is why having a team in place is so important. When we slog, it is often because we are asking ourselves to use part of our brain that isn’t the best part of our brain. Sometimes over-analysis is a great sign that you need to do more delegation.

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